It’s time they listened to US!

Update on the Meeting with Michael Farthing

A delegation representing PhDs from the Freeman Centre and beyond met with the Vice Chancellor Michael Farthing.

At was made clear to the Vice Chancellor we were unhappy not simply with the proposed move, but had grave concerns over the ongoing identity of SPRU, the deterioration of working conditions for PhDs and indeed other researchers once the move has taken place, and the ongoing governance of the school, which would seem to be creaking under the strain of rapid teaching-led growth.

The University of Sussex have now replied to our Freedom of Information Request!

We have approximately 80 files relating to the decision to move SPRU to the NAB.

We are currently going through the documents and will be releasing information as we make sense of it.

Listen to US and US’ Student Union

We have been in constant communication with University of Sussex Student Union representatives.

We would like to thank them for being incredibly supportive and informative.

They have also been pro-active and have collected some information on the changes planned regarding the New Academic Building.

Read more here, and fill in their questionnaire!