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SPRU and The Freeman Centre

An open letter to the registrar from SPRU and CENTRIM PhD students

We, the undersigned students at SPRU, are writing to you in respect of your communication dated 30th May 2012 concerning the decision to move SPRU out of the Freeman Centre and into the New Academic Building (NAB).

LPS Research

As doctoral students from the School of Law, Politics and Sociology (LPS), it is critical to both our research and our well-being that we can work in a reasonable environment in which we can share ideas and discuss our research with our colleagues from other cognate fields.


The Freeman Centre was purpose built to house Sussex University’s SPRU and Brighton University’s CENTRIM. This collaborative project has yielded great research on innovation for the last ten years, and was set to continue for many more. Then one day, Sussex University management decided to end the partnership, with an email, without warning.

The Creche

Mummy studies at the University of Sussex. Every day I go to the nursery on campus so Mummy can have some peace and quiet to do her work. When the University closes the crèche down or increases the prices I am worried about where I will go…

Residential Services

Being called into a meeting to be told you are one of 235 people whose jobs are to be privatised without consultation from the VC is neither democratic nor just.

Human Sciences

The Human Sciences degree was one of the most unique and creative BSc programmes at the University of Sussex. By cutting the Life Sciences department and thereby withdrawing Human Sciences completely, prospective students are missing the opportunity to obtain a wide range of knowledge that straddles several disciplinary arenas…


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